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Prickly pear Exfoliating Soap

Cactus Bio Skin Exfoliating Soap is an original scrub care, designed for all skin types. It stimulates the natural regeneration faculties of the skin by stimulating cell renewal while activating the microcirculation. Cleared of impurities, the epidermis is smooth, firmer, skin texture more velvetly. It is a good moisturizer, restructures and effectively prevents the aging of the skin, a good anti-stain.The fine and sensual foam of Cactus Bio Skin soap provides hydration and elasticity (Prickly pear seed oil and vegetable glycerin) by restoring the cutaneous barrier to avoid feelings of tightness. Oxygenated and purified, the skin is more radiant; it finds flexibility, softness and vitality.

Weight: 3,5 Oz / 100 g