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Cactus bio skin oil


Cactus Bio Skin can be used as a daily skin treatment, for all skin types, as it is an exciting new anti-aging, moisturizing and nourishing oil that many women are now discovering.

Thanks to its exceptional high content of Omega 3, Vitamin E and plant-derived betalains, cactus seed oil acts as a super antioxidant amongst antioxidants and a potent fighter of free radicals.

In fact, this oil is richer in essential fatty acids and tocopherols than argan oil, making it the most naturally effective and latest treatments in the anti-aging revolution.

Volume : 1.01 Oz / 30 ml


With age, our skin over time loses its elasticity and becomes thinner and finely wrinkled. Oil producing glands become less active, and our skin becomes drier. The number of blood vessels in our skin decreases, and our dermis can get thinner, and more fragile, so we lose our youthful glow and wrinkles appear. In addition, our skin replaces old cells more slowly and cells repair themselves less effectively. A good daily skincare routine is essential for healthy, glowing skin


You can apply cactus bio skin at night as an intensive anti-aging and moisturizing treatment.

Start by using cactus bio skin at night only to see how your skin likes it.

You can then progress to twice a day if your skin needs extra hydration or you can simply apply it to dry or wrinkle-prone areas.

If you have very dry skin, also use the oil in the morning.

A little does go a long way. The oil penetrates easily, does not leave an oily residue and can even be used around the eye area.

apply to a perfectly clean skin, massage gently with fingertips until completly absorbed, prickly pear oil keeps your skin hydrated and well nourished by maintaining the moisture giving your skin a youthful appearance.

Regular use will help to fight against dry skin, improve hydration, slow the aging process, prevent wrinkles and restore elasticity of your skin.


Cactus Bio Skin is 100 % pure prickly pear seed oil extracted mechanically by cold pressing prickly pear (barbary fig) seeds without solvents.

These seeds are very hard and contain only 5% of oil; we need 40 kilos of seeds, nearly one tonne of fruit, to obtain just one litre of this oil. Cactus Bio Skin Pure Barbary fig seed oil is exceptionally rich in both vitamin E and sterols and it contains more than 85% of unsaturated fatty acid with more than 60% of linoleic acid. Omega 6 is considered as an essential fatty acid wich is absolutely indispensible for many different metabolic processes of the organism.

Prickly pear seed oil is also rich in tocopherols (1000 mg/kg)..These elements helps to stabilize cell membranes and protect the tissues of the skin, eyes, and breast, which are more sensitive to oxidation.

Technical informations :

  • INCI: Prickly pear seed oil
  • CAS N°: 90082-21-6
  • EINECS N°: 290-109-1
  • Appearance: Yellow-green viscous liquid
  • Odor: Characteristic
  • Density: 0, 92
  • Peroxide Value (meq O2/Kg): < 3

Fatty acid composition :

  • Linoleic acidC18:261, 88%
  • Linolenic acidC18:30, 18%
  • Oleic acidC18:122, 11%
  • Palmitic acidC16:011, 56%
  • Palmitoleic acidC16:10, 62%
  • Stearic acidC18:03, 22%

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