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Private labeling

At Nopal Tunisie we know that branding or rebranding is not an easy task to do. The following illustration resumes our services.


We will meet all the specifications, which you provide us with. We have the expertise to handle your product manufacturing process to fulfill the market demand at time. We will help you create new products from an idea brief of yours.

Free sample

Cactus Bio Skin offers its potential clients free samples to make sure you are comfortable about your purchase. Please contact us to find out how to get your free sample.

Get your free


Shipping plays a critical role in our business. Our recognition of the importance of the shipping since our first order delivery, provided us with a great comparative advantage against our competitors.

We pack your items in the most suitable way for secure delivery. We handle parcels with the mission to deliver them in safe conditions. Depending on the customer request as well as the quantity ordered, it could be made by sea or air. We use the most reliable transportation companies.

Due to the high volume shipped monthly, we have special rates from the transportation companies allowing us to provide a competitive price to our customers.​

The choice of shipping method is based on the following criteria:

– Weight

– Volume

– Type of products

– Country of delivery

– Transit Time